The main gender location during the Cartagena is without question hooking with self-employed females

The main gender location during the Cartagena is without question hooking with self-employed females

Dinner Will cost you And Dining There are many restaurants all over in Cartagena, and the prices are similar to US tourist destinations. Expect decent meals to cost around $8 to $15 in average restaurants, and $20 or more in nice places. If you want to eat cheap there are many street vendors especially in the walled city where you can buy food for just a few dollars. The street vendors seem to be safe and you will see many tourists eating the food without problems, but if you have a sensitive stomach you might want to stay away.

Sex Spots In the CARTAGENA

Coverage And you will Inquiries Cartagena is the safest city in all of Colombia and it probably even safer than most US or UK cities. But still, you need to use your head because crime can happen anywhere. So keep an eye out and you should be safe.

Additionally be wary you to definitely cops provides put inspections throughout the devote Cartagena. Just away from home but also by foot, and also at anytime they end individuals and look observe whether they have something illegal on it. This is simply a word-of caution to stay out-of difficulties. This isn’t informed simply to walk up to which have unlawful some thing during the their purse.

LAUNGUAGE Circumstances The primary language in Cartagena is Spanish, but since Cartagena is such a big tourist city, you will people a lot people that speak English as well. Most people that work at the hotels, the waiters and the restaurants, and many of the working girls have a good grasp of English. As for the prostitutes, you can generally tell how long they have been prostitutes based on how much English they know. If they cannot speak any, then they are probably new, but if they speak fluent English, they probably have been doing this a while. Here is one suggestion that we have, and it only works if you have a smart phone like an iphone or an android. Simply purchase the internet plan for the week or month or however long you will be there for, and then use google translate.

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